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Thank you very much for supporting Dream Big Foundation. It means that we are able to continue - and even increase our effort - and bit by bit make the world a better place.

Here are some of our ongoing projects:

Saving the world with Nail Polish!

Many thousand women in Zanzibar work long hours for lousy money in the seaweed fields. Because of climate change and the substitution of their product with synthetic substances, their jobs will soon disappear. Dream Big Foundation will offer free education in manicure and pedicure for some of these women, provide them with a start up kit and help them establish a business offering manicure and pedicure to the tourists.
The education goes through Dream Big Woman Academy, which started up in Zanzibar upfront of the first class. The project is supported by Dream Big AS, a company actively inspiring other companies to take active social responsibility - with all the advantages and positive repercussions which follows by such an engagement.
The first class was held August 2017 - with certified and superengaged women. They have been introduced to legal workspaces in their neighbourhoud - and they are all now facing a better future!

The Yellow Egg Yolk Project

In Zanzibar, egg production has been a major earning and income. The thing is, that chicken lay eggs with white egg yolks instead of yellow egg yolks, caused by lack of vital vitamins and minerals in the fodder.
The tourists want of course yellow egg yolks, which has led to the hotels now importing eggs from Italy, Singapore and Brazil - which deprives local producers of revenue opportunities. Through our sister organization, Johooo! and with the help of an egg producer in Norway, Sunnmørsegg, along with local investors, we are now changing this trend. We can now produce eggs with yellow egg yolks! This activity will now spread through chicken farms throughout the island, driven by women, and a joint distribution center will bring the egg sales economy back to the local communities.
How great isn't that?

Human Trafficking

Tone Lise Forbergskog is a succsessful social entrepreneur,  and also co-founder of Dream Big Foundation. She has for some time now been deeply engaged in helping women subjected to trafficking in Norway.

Through her firm Tone Lise Akedemiet, she has been cooporating with ROSA, which is a project under the governmental Action Plan against Human Trafficking. Toghether they launched a campaign fronted by six Norwegian female celebrities. The campaign also included a special ROSA nail polish collection. ROSA got all the profits from the sales and the capmaign put trafficking on the agenda in the national news and weekly magazines. The work and cooporation is still ongoing.   

The Anti-Shaming Project

More or less by accident when filming in Zanzibar, John John Bruseth came over a cruel incident. A young girl was being dragged around at the beach for public mockery and ridicule. She had been so unfortunate to wet herself in bed. When researching around this, it came up that this was a common kind of ritual when a girl did bedwetting.  A local campaign was immidiately started to raise the awareness amongst the locals of what this behavour could do to their kids. Local authorities was also contacted and engaged -  along with several other resources. The issue is today been taken good care of, and this bad habit is about to disappear.

Zanzibar Red Colubus monkeys

For some years ago, there were only 230 Zanzibar Red Colobus monkeys left, and these were of course endangered by extermination. Through an extensive campaign and effort in cooporation with local authorities, we managed to bring back the population of the species ten-fold!

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